Renaud has over 15 years of experience in french language education (around 15,000 teaching and tutoring hours).

He taught both in private schools and at Alliance Française in Taipei Cityi.

Master II Degree graduated in Classic French Literature and Sociology, he brings real benefits to students in not confining himself to french language but also in adding many polical and societal analysis, and broad knowledge.

Marjorie has over 9 years of experience in french language teaching, both with adults and children (start from 5 years old), all levels.

She taught in cram school, home, and she is currently working in Alliance Française in Taipei.

Its strengths ? Her Chinese language and culture knowledge which allows to understand students difficulties in French language.

Her seriousness and her will to encourage students to speak even beginner level

What she likes? Try to interest students not only to language but also to French culture.